Solution Delivery

Equiendo support your company in managing RAN network resources We help you meet the capacity demands of non-uniform exponential traffic growth across your networks. We do this by:

  • Giving visibility of existing asset utilisation
  • Identifying available headroom for growth
  • Comparing RAN asset performance across multiple markets
  • Predicting & forecasting RAN budget requirements
  • Comparing Market growth for Group Operators

RAN Capacity Evaluation 

“Maximise network asset utilisation”  

  • Evaluate current capacity status of the radio access network
  • Review capacity utilisation and growth/redeployment potential
  • Define acceptable blocking rate across each resource type
  • Refine correct strategic upgrade thresholds for all resources

Investment Forecasting & Budgeting

 “Precision placement of QoS within your Network” 

  • Predict future network resource requirements
  • Budget RAN requirements to deliver required service experience
  • Deploy targeted investment accurately
  • Track the performance of your investments and return over time